The LumeTools Collection is a set of plug-ins that provide a wide range of tools and natural effects for the 3D artist, originally developed for the mental ray renderer used by Softimage. For more information on the LumeTools version for your 3D package, or to place an order, please refer to our list of partners on our order page.

While LumeTools is an ever-evolving product that will vary slightly for each 3D package, the core Collection consists of five individual sets: LumeLandscape, LumeWater, LumeLight, LumeMatter, and LumeWorkbench.

Originally developed in conjunction with the artists and animators of Cyan, Inc. for use in "Riven: The Sequel to Myst", the LumeTools Collection provides highly realistic natural effects for real world 3D productions. What does this mean? Simply put, the tools are fast, easy to use, and produce stunning results.

LumeLandscape Set


A highly versatile shader that will help you to map textures to your terrain models in extremely useful and natural ways, through attributes such as slope, height, noise functions. For example, on a single piece of terrain geometry it could be used to create dusty pile-ups on plateau surfaces, exposed rock faces in steeper cliff-like areas, and water stains where the ground meets the sea. Especially useful in situations where the size and shape of an object makes handmade textures impractical.


Provides both a true layered fog, along with a depth fading effect superior to Softimage's built-in. You can take advantage of Mist's plug-and-play ease to simply create a beautiful layered fog; or, for greater control, it allows for directional variations specified with texture maps, and can be applied to any enclosed volume, not just the atmosphere.


Great for helping to make your deadlines, Facade places virtual cardboard-cutouts in a scene, allowing you to replace complex geometry with simple 2D faces. Facade can then "rotate" the cutout so that it follows the movement of the camera, and avoids unwanted stretching, shadows, and reflections.

LumeWater Set


Simulates realistic waves over a large body of water. These waves look great, animate, are easy to create, and are highly adjustable. The user can even request a looping animation, for which he provides the number of frames in the loop!


A simple but important shader, Water models the physics of the reflective, transparency, and coloration properties of water. In addition, this shader can let your objects know when they are wet or dry, and apply the texture you supply accordingly (a feature that we've used for a good number of non-water effects as well.)


A volume shader which provides an underwater depth fading effect, in which the vertical light falloff from the water's surface is taken into account - vital to accurately create the 'submerged' look.


Wet objects have a significantly different appearance than dry objects: some have more saturated colors, others acquire a specular highlight; the Wet shader facilitates the creation of this effect by automatically displaying those textures that the artist has designated as "wet," on any portion of the object that is beneath the surface of the water.

LumeLight Set


A shader which models the way the human eye scatters light, Glare gives you realistic glares and flares from any bright source - not just lights! For example, it will create glares off of shiny metals, flares from reflections on a water surface, you name it. Especially useful for bright areas where the image becomes over-exposed.


Allows you to easily create truly translucent textures - with blurred transparency and back-lighting scattering effects. Good for lamp shades, light bulbs, frosted glass, stained glass, sun-dappled tree leaves, etc.


A material shader designedto simulate an object with internal lighting, as either an overall effect or specified with a texture map. With Glow you can now create glow maps that respond to light levels and overexposures in a photographic manner.


Simulates the eye's rods and cones, making colors appear desaturated in extremely dim lighting conditions (such as moonlight) while preserving colors in normal lighting.


A variation on the "volumic light" shader, it gives a basic atmospheric effect around lights. By leaving out shadow calculations, Beam is ultra-fast, and can be applied to all the lights of a scene with a negligable increase in render time.


A light shader which gives a more realistic falloff curve, along with increased control of the falloff.

LumeMatter Set


Helps you to create your perfect metal by modelling a metallic object's reflective properties, including color filtering of the reflected rays, and blurring of the reflected images.


An easy-to-use shader which models glass' transparent and reflective properties, including fresnel reflection and transparency shifts near the objects edges, coloration filtering of transparency rays (colored glass), and more.


Provides special edging effects for anytime you want to make a fuzzy mouse, a jagged rock, a blurry ghost, or a notched peg.

LumeWorkbench Set


This lifesaver of a shader captures a 360 degree wraparound image of a scene, which can then be used as an environment, as a reflection map, or even as a QuickTime VR environment map. By allowing you to drastically simplify the geometry needed to render your scene, WrapAround can be take a load off of your processors and your mind.


Offers an improved model for the distorting effects of a wide-angle lens. Both barrel and pin cushion effects are possible.


Captures the surface information of a scene, and converts it into an equivalent bump map. This funky little shader creates grayscale maps of the relative depth of anything at which you point your camera - like creating your bump maps in 3D in Softimage, rather than painting them by hand in Photoshop!


Used to adjust the coloration of an image or series of images. Contrast, brightness, hue, saturation, etc. can be adjusted or animated, and all can be applied on a per-object basis.

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