Introducing the LumeTools Collection

The LumeTools Collection is a series of shaders which together provide a wide range of tools and realistic natural effects for the Softimage® | mental ray renderer. The Collection consists of five individual sets: LumeLandscape, LumeLight, LumeMatter, LumeWater, and LumeWorkbench. By using mental ray's extensible architecture, these shaders expand and improve upon the basic functionality of Softimage in a variety of ways.

Developed in conjunction with working professional artists and animators, the LumeTools Collection was designed with the needs of the real world 3D production in mind. What does this mean? Simply, while the shaders provide versatile tools and great looking effects, they do so with a minimal impact on overall rendering times, and without a steep learning curve - the hallmarks of a truly useful CG production tool.

Using This Manual

This manual is made up of three chapters and an appendix. This, the first chapter, is an introduction to LumeTools. The second chapter contains five tutorials, arranged by set, which will take you through the basics of how to use each individual shader. The third chapter, Reference, covers each shader in detail, describing their procedures, parameters, and usage. Finally, Appendix A provides the installation and licensing instructions you'll need to get started using LumeTools.

Please note that once you've installed LumeTools, you will find an on-line version of the manual, complete with full color images. Many shaders utilize color to create their effect, so we encourage you to take a look at the this version as well.

Technical Support

Extensive technical support is available electronically, however no voice tech support is provided. Technical support is provided both directly via e-mail, and through mailing lists, FAQ's, discussions, and updates, at the 4DVision web site. The addresses are:



Of course, questions, comments or suggestions for future versions are always welcome.