Glow is a material shader designed to simulate an object with internal lighting, as either an overall effect or as specified with a texture map. With Glow you can now create glow maps that respond to light levels and overexposures in a realistic, photographic manner.


In the object's Material dialogue box, select Glow as the material shader.

Edit Glow's parameters.


Brightness sets the intensity of the internal light. Lower values show little glow, higher values show a bright glow.


The Color settings provide the artist with direct control over the color of the internal light. The Solid setting will cause the entire surface to be lit with a constantly colored light, as set in the RGB boxes. Texture will tell Glow to use one of the object's textures as a glow map, as specified numerically in the "#" box. (For example, a `1' will tell it to use the first texture on the object, while `5' would tell it to use the fifth texture.)


The Mix settings control which of two glow techniques to use. Mix With Underlying tells Glow to use the light and dark areas of the underlying diffuse texture to vary the brightness, while Paint Over tells Glow to add the glow directly over the existing color, a more brute force glow technique.